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Marketing a property to get the best sale price

Kyle Austin / Posted September 10, 2020 / 0 comments
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Marketing a property to get the best sale price

If you want to maximise the sale price of your home, marketing is a key element that must be executed to the highest level. More eyeballs leads to more enquiry which will ultimately result in more interested buyers and offers. This then enables you to get the best possible sale price. At AVVED we specialise in first class marketing utilising the latest digital strategies.

Property marketing has changed forever

Gone are the days of having to go searching for properties that are on the market by looking in agency’s windows, keeping an eye out for signboards or checking your local paper. As soon as a property goes onto the market potential buyers now get a notification directly to their phone. This results in a large number of people discovering properties instantly and requires a totally different strategy to 20 years ago.

Traditional vs modern strategies

While some traditional forms of marketing may still work such as letterbox drops or advertising in the local paper, the cost of doing so simply does not stack up versus digital marketing. They are also far less measurable which makes it hard to assess the actual results and cost per outcome that you are chasing. While most agencies have transitioned to some form of digital marketing such as utilising it is rare to find agencies which are utilising digital marketing to it’s full advantages.

How we market every property we sell

At AVVED, we use a combination of proven traditional strategies that still get great results such as a quality photo signboard along with the latest digital strategies. Here is an outline of the key marketing activities we conduct for every property we sell included as part of our $12,500 flat fee

  • Highest level ads on & Domain – The majority of buyers come from either or Domain in this day and age. We cut no corners by getting the highest level ads on these platforms which costs just under $2000 alone. When we first put a property onto the market it will display at the top of these platforms for that particular suburb and will generate a huge amount of enquiry. This is critical to get the amount of interested buyers needed to attract the best sale price.
  • Professional photography – While most agents get professional photography, we focus on getting the highest possible quality images that display each home as best as possible. We also get a floor plan created for every home.
  • 90 second property video – We believe video is a very important tool whether you’re marketing a property or a business. Video allows your property’s advertisement to come to life by showing the property in a manner which is not possible through photos alone. It also forms more of an emotional connection with interested buyers and sets your home apart from any other property which doesn’t have a photo. We include all our videos on the & Domain advertisements along with social media.
  • Drone photos & video – Utilising a drone transforms the photos and videos for any property. It adds another element and can show features of the property which simply are not possible otherwise. Combining the drone with quality photos and video allows us to create the best possible advertisement on & Domain which is also critical.
  • Facebook Advertising – We budget for $500 of ad spend for every property we sell. Facebook has incredible targeting capabilities where we can pin point our ideal potential buyer and advertise a property on Facebook to that demographic. We can then also retarget people who show an interest in the property. We utilise our 90 second property video as the post while linking back to the ad.
  • Custom photo signboard – Signboards are surprisingly still a form of traditional marketing that generates good results particularly if a property is located on a busy street. We create a bespoke signboard for every single property we sell which has a blurb, photos and details of the home. It also adds a lot to the property when buyers come to see the home.
  • Buyer information booklets – We create high quality professionally printed booklets for every property we sell. This consists of photos, floor plan and information on the property along with comparable sales, suburb information and other information for buyers. This creates a point of difference in the mind of buyers and helps them to remember each property.
  • Database – We utilise the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which enables us to easily manage our database and let interested buyers know of all our new properties. We can also retarget these same people through Facebook to ensure they see the property video. We also log every single enquiry to enable top quality buyer management.

When you combine all of these strategies together it results in a modern digital marketing campaign which will give any property the best chance at getting top dollar. We would love to hear your thoughts and are happy to answer any queries you may have.


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